Test & Review: Goldmaxx Power and the XP G-MAXX II

Hi Guys, so we had the Time to make a small Test with the standard Coils of the XP Goldmaxx Power and the G-MAXX II. We tested various Items at various Depths and while it is not a 100% reliable test, it should give you a basic understanding of the Performance.

This Time, we tested the standar coils and i will head to the findings now.


We started with a small Silver coin just like the Ones that can be found all over the United States and Europe. It was a very small 2 cm coin, which can be very hard to detect and is a Challenge for every detector.

The Goldmaxx Power could detect the Silver coin down to about 20,5 Centimeters, while the G-MAXX II was a little bit stronger and detected it in 21,5 Centimeters.


The Copper Coin was about 3 centimeters large and both detectors could detect it pretty easily. The Goldmaxx Power was able to detect it down to 18 Centimeters and the G-MAXX II down to 20 Centimeters. But the Type of alloy used has a HUGE influence on the Results. While small bronze coins like the Ones used from the Romans for example were more problematic to detect than the bigger modern day copper coins.


So we also tested a 10 Centimeter Piece of Aluminium to find out where the limits are. Since Aluminium is one of the Metals that gives the best Signals, we expected a lot but our findings exceeded our Expectations. Both detectors gave pretty much similar Results and could detect the Aluminium in over 45 Centimeters of Depth. With a very good Setup on the detectors, this could even be improved somehow.


Also tested my fathers wedding Ring! 🙂 Surprisingly, the Goldmaxx Power detected it down to 31,5 Centimeters deep. Many detectors have problems with gold, but this One detected it like a charm. The XP G-MAXX II on the other hand had real problems with it and only picked it up at 22 Centimeters. That is a huge Difference and was the biggest surprise for me in this Test!

The Goldmaxx Power comes with a 22,5 DD Coil and is a highly innovative Detector that works at 18 KHZ. The newer Models come with the light and affordable XP Deus Frame and its high Frequency makes it perfect for small Objects like coins and other treasure from old times. The Goldmaxx Power is extremely flexible and is the perfect detector for Sites that are full of Iron Trash and other undesirable objects. It has wireless Headphones and has a pretty cool Frequency Switcher that you can use to change between the Headphone Frequencies pretty easily.

The Iron Threshold works perfectly and lets you filter out certain Ranges of Iron. It has a very fast reaction time and is one of the fastest Detectors on the market. The XP Deus is a similarly fast detector and both are really very equal.  Besides, there is very little performance loss because of the Iron Threshold. And the Iron Filter can be freely adjusted to the Requirements due to the Mineralisation Levels of the Ground. It is waterproof and the Iron Volume can be freely adjusted.

It comes with Wireless Headphones that works both with the WS2 and WS3 Headphones. The whole detector weighs about 1,4 kilo and can be used for about 50 hours before you need to change the battery pack.


The GMAXX 2 works at 4,6 KHZ and is a great Detector for miliaria and relics. The Detector works best at mineralized soil and comes with a adjustable three sound feature that makes it a good Detector for deep Targets. It is a very fast detctor, though the Goldmaxx Power is stronger for tiny objects. The User can switch between two Headphone Frequencies, so you can search with another friend using a detector of the same type.  The GMAXX 2 is very similar to the Goldmaxx Power but is rather something to search for bigger and deeply buried targets.  The Goldmaxx Power is something that you would want to use in order to find tiny gold nuggets or gold or silver coins.