Review – XP Deus WS4 Wireless Headphone Adapter

Hi Guys, in this post I want to write a bit about the small WS4 Audio Adapter that XP is selling.

Now, I’m sure you ask what this tiny thing exactly does? Well, it is an adapter that enables you to wear your own custom Headphones on the XP Deus. Actually, this wouldn’t be so important, but since the Headphones for the XP Deus aren’t really cheap, this item could theoretically save you some money.

But one of the main reasons to buy it, is because it gives you more options to search if you´ve only bought the Light Version of the XP Deus that only comes with the Headset. With the WS4, you can stick the Headphone Control on Top of the Deus Frame and use it with some cable headphones while you can read the conductance number of the Target. So with this, you can make your Light Version to an almost complete Version and be able to read the numbers while still hearing the sounds. But without having to buy the expensive remote control.

So in Theory, the Idea is absolutely brilliant and i really enjoyed using this piece. That being said, it needs to be improved greatly because the soldered joint breaks so easily. I had two of them and both only lasted for about three weeks or so and broke off at the same joint where the headphone contact is soldered on the board.


I recently stumbled across a german Shop that made a great Version of this WS4 Adapter by packing it in a solid Design. The shop is really great and the improved Adapter is awesome. I include a link below there.