Review: XP Deus Wireless Metal Detector

 Review: XP Deus Wireless Metal Detector




One of todays best Detectors in this segment comes from the French Company XP.

The XP Deus Wireless Metal Detector comes with a highly innovative Design combined with a huge lot of great quality Technology! The XP Deus is the first wireless Detector and comes with a unique patented collapsible frame design and can be easily transported. On site, you can easily fold out the frame within just a few seconds and you’re set to go Treasure Hunting!

XP Deus LCD Remote Control Display (Includes Audio Speaker)


XP Deus Metal Detector Wireless Headphones


The Coil contains a lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery and can be charged via your socket at home. The Deus comes with a specially designed triple loading unit that charges your Remote Control, the coil and the Headphones at the same time within about 1,5 hours.

The XP DEUS Wireless Metal Detector comes with a whole lot programs so you can switch between the different Settings, depending on the characteristics of the environment you are metal detecting in!
These are some of the Programs and for what they are intended for.

Basic = Good Allround Program for general use. Uses 12 KHZ Frequency.

GM Power = This Program orients itself on the Goldmaxx Power Detector.

Fast = One of the best Programs of the Deus because it uses the Frequency to the fullest. It uses 18 KHZ and THE Program if you are looking for smaller gold, silver and bronze coins, very tiny rings, Roman or Celtic Coins, and so on. The high frequency needs more battery power than some of the other programs though.

G-MAXX = Medium speed and effective for larger items like big coins, buckles, militaria, bigger artefacts

Wet Beach = Name says it all. A great program for all the Treasure Hunters who are searching for Gold and Diamond Rings on beaches and such.

The New Version of the Firmware also comes with a Program called GOLDFIELD! It’s a program that’s particularly effective in highly mineralized soil and is intended for people searching for gold nuggets and such.

If you got the XP Deus Wireless Metal Detector with the Remote Control and the Wireless Headphones, you have a whole lot more options that you can use to adjust the detector to the ground you are hunting in.



With the XP Deus, you can switch between 4, 8, 12 and 18 KHZ. The differences between the frequencies are a little bit more complicated and I´ll get into that a bit more in the future. As a very, very broad generalization, you can say that a higher frequency is better for very small coins and items while the lower frequencies are better for bigger items that are buried deeper.

The Deus is EXTREMELY light, which is one of the major Advantages of this Detector. Believe me when I say that I had a whole lot of detectors before and none of them was as light as this one. If you are searching for a whole day, this can make the difference between success and failure. Because what is it worth when you get some good signals, but are too tired to dig because you´ve been carrying a detector with the weight of a block of stones for 8 hours or so. Even though the Deus is so light, it´s frame isn’t very fragile. So far, i never had a broken Frame on the Deus yet. Also, the Armrest is still intact. Like many of you know, some detectors Armrests break very easily. This isn’t one of them.

The Deus comes with a small but still powerful 22,5 Cm coil. You can also buy yourself a larger 13″ x 11″ wireless coil for the Deus, which is perfect for digging deeper Targets. While the larger coil is really great for very deep Treasure, the small coil is in some cases even better than the big one because it is not as heavy and comes with a slightly better sensitivity for tiny objects. That being said, the large coil is definitely awesome too. Finally bought me one a few months ago and i fall in love with it every day again.
With the Deus, you can freely adjust the discrimination. If you want to exclude iron signals, you can set the sensitivity somewhere above 10. This would discriminate most smaller Iron Objects like small Nails, Grenade Splitters and Schrapnell out. Objects that have a conductive number up to 50 are oftenly foil, trash or very big iron Objects. That being said, many valuable Things can have such a conductive number as well. So the conductive number rather some kind of help to decide if you want to dig or not and should be used wisely. On the Remote Control or the Headphones, you can also exclude certain ranges if you are searching on a site that has a lot of the same items with a similar conductive number, such als Ammunition shells and such.

The Small 22,5 CM Coil as well as the large coil is both WATERPROOF and hardened with carbon fiber to improve the longlivability! 😉

As the Company XP is constantly working on improving the Deus, you can also perform firmware updates on the Deus that improve the Performance. The recent Update is a very big improvement and makes the detector even more valuable for Treasure Hunters.

The Capacity of the Battery lasts for about 20 Hours. But the more often you re-charge it, the shorter is the lifespan of the Battery. One of the things that should be improved about the Deus is the Charging clip for the Coil because it tends to break. The Charging Clip is rather cheap, but if you are about to go hunting and the thing breaks, your heart breaks too.

There is also a whole lot of Add-On´s like an emergency loader for the car, coil covers and similar Items.