Review: The Difference between the Three coils for the XP Deus!

Hi Guys! Just like mentioned before, i really like the large Coil for the XP Deus. If you are planning to buy yourself a new XP Deus, it might want to consider getting the large coil right away! But because there are two Versions of it, you should know a few things. Especially when you are buying a used Coil on ebay and aren´t sure what Version you are buying, you need to take a closer look at the measurements. If you don’t know the Difference between the Two Versions, chances are you get older One. And in my Eyes, the new One is better!

So let´s start at the beginning! There is the Standard Coil. It´s 9″ (22,5 CM) and weighs about 400g. It comes with the Deus and is very sensitive for small Objects.

deus doubled





Then, there is a 28 x 34 CM Coil that weighs about 590g. It pops up every now and then on ebay, so if people are buying a large coil for the Deus in the classifieds, it´s very likely it´s this One. In my Eyes, the Coil is not as callibrated as the New 13″ x 11″ Double D Coil. It also is not really usable for Areas where there is only limited space. Like on a corn field with remaining plant stumps and such. It´s a great coil for very clean Areas that isn´t trashed with lot´s of junk Iron though. Besides, it´s really heavy for the Frame and í´ve heard about quite a few people that ended up with a broken frame. I also encountered problems with adjusting the coil, because of the higher weight. You could say that the coil is a bit Top-Heavy so to speak. I don’t want to go so much into detail here because I´ve already mentioned this in another Article I recently published. Only Reason I´m writing this Article is because there are many people that haven´t realized that since a new Double D Coil was released, there are two “large” Coils for the XP Deus.


The new large Coil is the 13″ x 11″ Double D Coil that is available on sites like Amazon and weighs about 400g.

That´s the same weight as the Standard 9″ coil, but with a bigger reach. With this Coil, you have the best of both sides! It´s larger than the tiny 9″ Standard coil, covers more area at once but isn´t as heavy and hard to callibrate as the other One. It´s a great Allround Coil and in my Eyes, it´s a coil that you could use as the Standard Coil instead. Personally, i´ve went on to Use this One instead of the other Large coil because it´s so much easier to use but still pimps up your Deus! Older Version was great too, but is definitely not an Allround Coil for everyday! And depending where you buy your Detector, you might have the chance to ask about getting the larger Coil instead of the Standard coil with your detector.


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