Review – Best Backpacks for the XP Deus

Hi Guys, as metal detectors are a little bit difficult to transport, a good carry bag can be very essential. And as i don´t like walking around with a visible detector, i spent the last weeks reading a bit about good carry bags for the XP DEUS. These are just a few examples just to show you what´s out there.

Here is the official One from XP for the Deus.


It looks neat and all the components can be stored pretty efficiently. There some Additional Space for the Coil or anything else you might need too.

But depending on how many things you intend to take with you when you go hunting, the space is still kinda limited.

Teton Sports Fox 5200 Internal Frame Backpack


This one from Teton looks alright for metal detecting as well, since it has an internal frame backpack. Haven’t used it personally, but I know the Tetons backpacks as premium quality that work very well with the XP DEUS! But it’s definitely one of the more expensive ones out there. But for this price, you reduce the risk of accidentally damaging your Deus because of the Internal Frame protection.

Salewa XL Backpack

Personally, i really like using a Salewa XL backpack for transporting my detector as it is really not very expensive and still comes with a lot of space for all kinds of things. And it doesn’t look like your about to go to war.  And it comes in various colors!