Teknetics EuroTek Metal Detector with 8-Inch Concentric Coil



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Product Description

The Eurotek and Eurotek Pro were designed for congested and iron laden European hunting conditions. An exceptionally fast retune speed offers impressive target separation in iron-infested sites and the expanded 39-point Iron ID range makes it easy to identify desirable iron targets. These are turn-on-and-go detectors for quick and easy operation. They have waterproof search coils, fully adjustable stems with locking collars and are powered by a single drop-in 9V alkaline battery. With a large, easy-to-read display and touch-pad operation, the Eurotek and Eurotek Pro offer unique features at an affordable price.


  • 2-Tone Audio Target-ID with 3-Segment Depth Indicator
  • Lightning-fast recovery speed
  • Motion Discrimination Mode
  • Turn-On-And-Go, 3-button operation
  • Great Target Separation; excels in iron-infested sites


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