Risco ShockTec Digital Shock Detector – RK600S00000A


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Product Description

ShockTec digital shock detectors provide reliable 24 hour perimeter protection. A break-in is detected as soon as the intruder attempts to force, smash, drill or even saw through the protected window, door, wall or roof. This means that the alarm is activated while the intruder is still outside, minimizing damage to the premises and its contents, and maximizing personal security. ShockTec detects gross attacks and provides an exceptional level of discrimination between real attacks and background vibrations. An advanced digital microprocessor with Intelligent Digital Signal Processing accurately analyzes the vibration signal from the piezo-electric sensor. The DSP methods include analysis of signal frequency, energy, amplitude and duration. The ShockTec has optional magnetic reed switches for double protection on opening windows and doors. The detector may be mounted vertically or horizontally, with the magnetic contact on either side of the detector. The ShockTec has a built-in calibration method that is accurate and reliable. Indications to the installer include oversensitive, under-sensitive or correctly calibrated conditions.


  • 24 hour protection for windows, doors, walls and roofs
  • Gross Attack detection identifies high energy impulses
  • Cuts out frequencies that can’t be caused by illegal entry attempts
  • Tri-colour LED enables accurate and reliable calibration
  • Mounts on frame or glass vertically or horizontally


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