Poover 9V Battery 700mAh 6f22 9volt Lithium Rechargeable Batteries 4 Pack Li-ion Batteries (4pack 9v battery)


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Product Description

Battery tested based on International Electronic Commission (IEC) standard 
Poover rechargeable Liion battery pack with protection circuit board inside
to keep your device more safety.
High grade cell and ultra-low self discharge,to guarantee long-Lasting Life
More reasonable and environmental than Alkaline & Zinc Carbon batteries
Warm Note
Use environment of lithium-ion battery Charging temperature of 32 ℉~ 114℉, Discharge temperature of -4℉ ~140 ℉
Lithium-ion battery self-discharge by the ambient temperature and humidity,
high temperature and humidity will accelerate the battery’s self-discharge,
So we suggest to store the household batteries in a dry environment 32℉ ~ 68℉ Normally Directly replacement :9V, PP3, HR22, MN1604, BLOC, 6LR61, 1604AU, X22, 1604, 1604A, 1604AC, 4022, 522, 6AM6, 6F22, 9VOLT, A1604, CLR6, K9V, KA9, ND65V, R22, RB100890 Easily Power Common Applications Such As:
Digital toys and games,radio controlled toys
Remote Controls
Power-hungry Equipment
Building alarms, monitoring and security systems
Industrial and residential metering systems
Emergency location transmitters and Beacons
Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
Electrical tools, torches, flashlights, digital devices including radios, clocks, power backup etc


  • 4 pack of 9v high volume battery in Li-ion (Lithium ion), Full charging standard voltage is 8.4v ,dimensions: 48 * 25 * 15 (mm)
  • Non-False capacity 700mAh rechargeable battery, Cycling life up to 1200 cycles
  • No memory record,low self-discharge battery,Keep 80% power capacity after 2 years of non-use
  • Smart protections : Anti-short circuit, anti-over, Anti-over current, Anti-over-voltage, MCU, overheating, overcharge, high conversion rate
  • 6f22 9v battery suitable device : Smoke Alarms, Wireless Microphones,electronic toy,Smoke detector ,remote control,massager,electric guitar, Walkie talkie,Metal detector,multi-meter etc


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