Minelab X- Terra 705 Metal Detector Adventure Package



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Product Description

The X-TERRA 705 offers the ultimate detecting experience. It can be used for gold prospecting as well as for coin & treasure hunting, simply by switching between available pre-programmed modes. Thanks to Coin & Treasure and Gold Prospecting Modes you get a gold detector plus coin, treasure & relic detector all in one!


  • Minelab’s proprietary VFLEX technology. This allows you to change the frequency simply by changing coils. You don’t need another detector!
  • True automatic Ground Balance eliminates false ground noises so you can hear elusive small gold signals.
  • Depth indicators, update continuously, even in Pinpoint mode.
  • Lightweight, balanced design (only 1.3kgs) so you can enjoy detecting for longer periods.
  • Standard 7.5 kHz Concentric coil is waterproof, suitable for detecting on beach and riverside.


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