Metal Detector, OUTAD Gold Digger with Waterproof Search Coil, Volume Adjustment, Automatic Sensitive, LCD Display Metal Detector Pinpointer



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OUTAD Underground Metal Detector-A perfect search engine on the beach, old castles, old battlegrounds, forests, fields and farmlands.Our Professional Metal Detector also well suitable for high speed cable detecting in walls, ceilings and floors, with both electrical and water pipes can be located precisely. This LCD display treasure hunter can be used to locate valuable metal such as silver and gold from iron relics, coins and household items. This detector is generic and very easy to use.

About OUTAD Underground Metal Detector
-Adjust the volume of the speaker and headphones.
-Can be connected to headphones use (Headphone not include).
-The pointer will swing with the discovery of the metal.
-You can use metal detectors in shallow water.
-Adjust the length of the metal detector.
Power supply: 2 x 9V (6F22)
Frequency: 5.0 KHz
Current: static: 10mA
Peak Current::70mA
Voltage: 7.2-9.6V
Indication Mode: Mechanical Indicator Mode, Sound Mode
Sensitivity: US 25 Cent: 5.1inch
Display mode: Mechanical pointer mode
Sound mode: YES
Telescopic length: 30.7-42.1 inches
Detection disk diameter: 6.5 inches
Assembly size: maximum elongation 45inch, the shortest 30.7inch
Color: Black
Packing: carton packaging

Package Includes
-1x Underground Metal Detector kit
-1x English manual


  • ★Target Identity★ – The detected objects are shown on the LCD display. Underground metal detector preset ground balance adjust to different terrain finding for coins, relics, jewelry, gold, silverware, ect. Also nice gift for father / husband / son / wife / daughter / families / kids / children / child / beginners / starters. You can decide immediately if the objects worth to be recovered. Arm support, view meter, waterproof search coil with headphone.
  • ★Waterproof Search Coil★ – 6.5-inch waterproof search coil allows you to search in shallow water.
  • ★Volume Adjustment★ – Adjust the volume of the speaker and headphones, lets you connect headphones (not supplied) to the detector, helps you keep from disturbing others as you treasure seek.
  • ★Application★ – Explore the metal objects buried in the ground. Widely used in security checks, outdoor treasure hunt, metal inspection and so on.
  • ★High Sensitivity★ – The greater the movement of the pointer, the closer the distance from the metal


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