L91 Ultimate Lithium AA Battery 1.5v



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L91 1.5 Volt Ultimate Lithium AA Battery (Two Pack in Carded Packaging) (THIS BATTERY IN NON-RECHARGEABLE) Commonly used in Digital Cameras, Video Equipment, Remote Control Vehicles, Metal Detectors, Flashlights, PDA’s and much more.?á The world’s longest lasting AA batteries for high end electronics.?á It has the highest energy density, flattest discharge voltage curve, up to a 20 year shelf life, widest operating temperature range, and lightest weight.?á Lasts up to 6x longer than the other leading brand in digital cameras. — SPECIFICATIONS: Packaging:?á Two Batteries in Blister Pack Classification: “Cylindrical Lithium” Chemical System: Lithium/Iron Disulfide (Li/FeS2) Designation: ANSI 15-LF, IEC-FR6 Nominal Voltage: 1.5 Volts Compatible With: EA91, E91, NH15, 1215 Storage Temp: -40??C to 60??C (-40??F to 140??F) Operating Temp: -40??C to 60??C (-40??F to 140??F)* Typical Weight: 14.5 grams (0.5 oz.) Typical Volume: 8.0 cubic centimeters (0.49 cubic inch) Max Discharge: 3.0 Amps Continuous (single battery only): 5.0 Amps Pulse (2 sec on / 8 sec off) Max Rev Current: 2 uA Lithium Content: Less than 1 gram Typical IR: 60 to 210 milliohms (depending ?á


  • Brand New
  • Full Manufacturer Warranty
  • Dimensions: 0.60″L x 0.60″W x 2.00″H
  • 1.5 Volts
  • 3150 mAh


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