Preview: Whites Bullseye TRX Pinpointer

Hi Guys, whites will be releasing a new Version of the Bullseye Pinpointer. I didn’t have a chance to test it yet, but the Promotional Poster looks very promising.

The WHITES BULLSEYE II Pinpointer is a cheaper alternative to Garretts Bestseller PRO POINTER. And with cheaper I don’t necessarily mean worse. Well, honestly, it was INDEED a little bit worse than the PRO POINTER but it was still a relatively decent pinpointer for a price around the 100 Dollar mark. I mean, there arent so many great Pinpointers on the market and with the Pro Pointer, Garrett definitely set the standard high.  So much about the BULLSEYE II. Now Whites was talking about releasing a new Version of the Bullseye in 2014 for a while, and it seems it will finally hit the market soon. And Whites seems to have taken some of the mixed feedback from Whites Users to Heart and improved their product. At least, that´s what the announce on the Promotional Flyer.

According to whites, the WHITES BULLSEYE TRX will reach measurably more depth than the “leading competitor´s pinpointer” and be more sensitive. Lol. Well, that´s a statement. And I´m really looking forward to the Release of it to find out, if they oversold it or if it is really that good.

Here are some of its Features:

– Automatic Ground Balance with Tracking

– Target Ratcheting

– Audio and/or Vibrate Alert

– Dual Battery Operation (2 AA or 1 9V)

– Rugged, waterproof design

– Lost Pinpointer Alarm

– Replaceable Shell

– Automatic Power Off

– Weighs around 6,5 Ounces

– LED Light

– Overload Indicator

– Lanyard Attachment Loop on TRX

– Ruler

– Overall length 10 Inches

– Two Year warranty

Release Date: February 2014


So far, so good. Two year Warranty is a good thing with pinpointers. I had some that break very early and so it´s good to have a warranty. The Measurements are pretty normal and having an LED attached to the Pinpointer seems to become a trend on Pinpointers now. Thank god, because it´s really a wonderful thing if you like to search at night. That being said, the LED is placed on the side what makes it hard to clean if you´ve got mud on your hands and god knows where. But you also have this problem with the PRO POINTER so that´s not really anything special.

I was a bit surprised to see that Whites didn’t put the TRX on the market before Christmas, but that doesn’t necessarily need to be a bad thing. Maybe they worked a bit longer on it to release a better Product in February. I’m not sure if it will really be better than the PRO POINTER but I´m really looking forward to try that out in our Tests. Personally, I´d already be happy if whites would release a Bullseye, but without the inconsisties the previous Models had to deal with. It was a decent device for a good price, but i just heard from too many people who had issues with broken devices.

From what I heard, the price will be around 150 Dollars but I haven’t really heard anything official about that yet. If that would be the final price, i really hope that it will be better than the Pro Pointer. I was expecting the price to be a bit cheaper, but if the quality is right, i am fine with the little bit higher price as well. There are many very loyal Whites User´s and I´m sure they would be happy to buy a pinpointer from their favorite metal detector brand, if the earlier versions wouldn’t have been not as good as the leading pinpointer on the market. I guess the Deal stands and falls with the Performance so it doesn´t make sense to whine about the price until we know how good it really is. If it´s better than Garretts Pro Pointer without costing more, I´m happy to wholeheartedly support it. Because in my eyes, all that counts is the performance.

I will definitely keep you guys informed!