Metal Detector Review – EBINGER EBEX 420

Metal Detector Review – EBINGER EBEX 420 

Hi Guys, this excellent minesweeper was actually issued by the British Government of Defense for mine removal purposes during the War in Croatia! These days, a lot of them appear on eBay because the remaining stock was supposedly sold off. The original Price was a couple thousand bucks or so, and that´s why it might be a great opportunity to buy one right now. Most of the units were hardly ever used and are in great shape!

The PB420 is a great PI detector in very high quality! Ebinger is a german metal detector manufacturer and they usually provide military standard quality! The PB420 has all that an ALL METAL detector needs to have! It´s light, easy to assemble and reliable! The EBEX was one of my very first detectors and I really enjoyed using it. Compared to many modern detectors, it is much more robust and hard to destroy. It is NOT waterproof, but searching in heavy Rain was never a problem for me. You know, these detectors are built for the military and they can’t really say “fuck this shit, I’m going home!” when it starts to rain so they need equipment that works in all conditions. Hot, warm, cold, ice age, you name it. I used this detector in the Snow with a snow blanket of 20″ and it was no problem at all. The coil was completely covered in snow, again, it worked great. I know that it´s not really recommendable to use metal detectors in freezing temperatures but I am not person who only uses a detector once a yeara and I think a great detector should work no matter what.

The EBEX is a PI detector. That means, it finds everything. Every little nail, every piece of iron and every grenade splitter, even if it´s located in a remarkable depth. And it also finds the good things. The problem is, that with a PI Detector like the EBEX you usually don’t have a discrimination feature! And that´s a real problem for people that aren’t used to digging a few hundred holes per hunt. And most of the time, you´ll go home with nothing but a bag of nails at the end of the day. It´s a device built for searching good sites that were already sweeped with some other detectors with some discrimination. For the hobby detectorist, the EBEX isn’t really usable as a standalone detector. It is also totally unsuitable for beginners because it will make you lose the interest in this hobby faster than you think. Because coin shooting or digging for precious metals is not what this machine was built for. It does find gold, silver, lead and copper. But since you lack the discrimination, you will not know what metal your are digging for until you have it in your hands. And there can be countless iron signals in the soil.

The EBEX is a great detector for high-quality sites that are already cleaned out. You know, let´s say you have a site that was full of really old relics like daggers, swords, cannonballs, fibulas, silver coins, medieval artifacts and stuff like this, the EBEX is the right machine to use if you want to be sure that there´s nothing more to find.

Or let´s say you´re living in a country where you can find stuff from ww1 and ww2, such as steel helmets, trash holes or sometimes even complete Vehicles. That´s what this detector is built for, because it goes very deep and though it lacks discrimination, it gets a lot deeper than most modern  discrimination detectors. In fact, I know many people who have great results finding very deeply buried relics with this detector. This is the machine that finds rusty steel helmets and stuff like that. If you stumble upon some pics of Russian detectorists showing a load full of helmets, chances are they used a PI detector like this one.

So yeah, the EBEX is great, but it´s absolutely not for everyone. If you are in a good physical condition and have no problem digging very deep holes, you might want to try this one out, though! They are very insensitive to soil mineralization, what means you can even use it when the soil is very mineralized. Besides, the Detector has no problem picking up gold, which is a VERY common problem among most Detectors! Despite what you might think, gold is very difficult to detect and even modern detectors have trouble detecting it. And whenever I tested the EBEX, it picked up the gold objects just fine.

So, the EBEX is an oldtimer but still a very decent PI detector. If you have the money, try it. They are very robust and don´t break easily. If you don´t use it to beat somebody with it, they are really hard to break. A problem is that you probably won´t get any spare parts in case something should really break, but it might be worth a try to message the German company who built it (EBINGER) and ask if they still have parts for it.