Metal Detector Review – XP Deus Large coil VS Small Coil Comparison

Hi Guys, today i want to write a little bit more about the differences between the large Coil and the standard coil of the XP Deus Wireless Metal Detector. Their Advantages and Disadvantes, Prices and so on.

I will start with the Review of the large 13″ x 11″ Coil that i bought a few months ago. Like mentioned, the Size of the Coil is 13″ x 11″. In comparison to that, the small one only measures 9″. Because of the larger Size, you can cover a larger area what saves you some time. You also get more signals, which you wouldn’t get with the small coil because you don’t hit the right spot and miss the signal. There are many faint signals that you would also hear with the small coil, but since you didn’t swing the coil exactly over the signal.

Both Coils are absolutely waterproof and can be used to search on the beach as well. Both also use the same Frequencies, 4, 8, 12 and 18 KHZ.

While the small coil is really light and perfect to use when there is not much space, the large one is definitely a big chunk and makes the detector a little bit unstable. If you buy yourself a used 13″ Coil, you need to be careful to get yourself the newest model because the old ones were substantially heavier. I heard many reports from people whose frames broke because of the large weight of the coil. With the new one, this isn’t happening anymore.

The 13″ Coil is larger and not as easy to pack in a backpack, but with the right gear, you´ll be fine. The technical Details are pretty much the same for both coils. Both have strengthened with carbon fiber and come with a Lithium Ion Battery that lasts for about 12-16 Hours, depending on the program you choose. With my large coil, it felt like the battery wouldn’t last as long as the small one, but that could just be imagination or so.

Now about the most important thing: The Finds. With the small One and the right program, it is very easy to even find the smallest silver coins and other very tiny objects. Some old medieval Silver coins are really tiny and the standard coil has no problem finding EM. While the large coil is also very good with tiny objects, my personal impression was that it was slightly less sensitive to them than the standard coil. But it´s still very powerful with small items. The real strength of the Large coil is finding larger objects that are very deeply buried. In my impression, it is rather a coil for professionals who like to dig for the very old stuff. Also, it is a great Coil for finding deeply buried Iron, like Daggers, Swords, cannonballs and similar objects. With the large coil, it’s easier to hear if you have a large item there or something that’s rather small. Sometimes, o felt like my headphones are exploding, so strong were the signals that came in. In the first months i dug every signal that came under my coil and I can say for sure that I wouldn’t have missed one large object. But the large coil is not an easy one and it takes time till you get to know it. At first, i was extremely disappointed because the handling were so different from the standard coil, but fortunately i kept going and fell in love with it ever since.

The coil is also great for finding deeply buried bronze and copper. As i wanted to find out if i had missed out on finds with the standard coil, i visited some sites i hunted before and was shocked to see how many good targets there were still there. On one site, i got more than 50 signals that i did not get with the standard. In most cases, i only got a very faint sound and a value 0f 99 or 01 which stands for Iron. But most of these signals are actually good signals that lie too deep for the small coil to read it right.

The 13″ Coil is really expensive. That being said, it is worth every penny because the Deus is one of the Best Detectors in this price range and the coil is such a valuable addition to your Treasure Hunting! Just think about all the sites that people didn’t get good signals on with the smaller coils. Hunted out Areas don’t exist… just some were the signals lie too deep for the detector.

Im sure you want to know how much deeper the large coil goes? Well, that’s not easy to answer and depends on many things like the type of soil, size of the object, the program you use and such. For very large targets, i assume you can get another 5-10 Centimeters which is actually a lot for a coil. You will also get a whole lot more good audio signals, where you dont have the right number on the display (eg 01 or 99) but with the right sound. These Targets are lying so deep that you don’t get the right number, but can still hear its a good thing. And oftenly, these are the best.

I’m sure you guys realize I really like this coil and that’s very true. Just try it out and visit the areas with it where you had the most success with the standard coil and I’m sure you´ll agree!