Metal Detector Review – Tesoro Lobo Supertraq

Hi Guys, today we´ll review of the Tesoro Lobo Supertraq!



The Detector uses the very high Frequency of 17,5 Khz, what makes it very sensitive to finding even the tiniest objects. It was originally designed to find very small gold nuggets, no matter how bad the soil is.

The Control Unit gives you the ability to switch between the Options “Normal Soil”, “Alkali” and “Black Sand”. This function is very simple to understand. The various soil types have an influence on the accuracy of your Metal Detector and if you are searching in certain areas, the soil may mess with the Discrimination. It happens oftenly that the detector  thinks that the metal is Iron while it’s actually something good like Gold or silver.  And with the Lobo, you can simply adjust the detector to the soil type your searching in. It takes a little bit of experience to find out what type of soil you are searching in and i will write a bit more about this in the future.

The Discriminator allows you to filter out Iron completely if you are only searching for a certain type of metal like gold or silver. If you turn out the Discrimination, you slightly increase the general performance of the Lobo but that is pretty much valid for almost every detector out there.

It uses 8 AA Type Batteries and one set of batteries holds for quite some time. The Lobo also comes with a Pinpointer Feature, what allows you to locate the objects a lot faster. This also reduces the risk of damaging the Finds because you hit it with the shovel. The Switches are very easy to use in the field and look relatively solid.

Because of the High Frequency, you need to walk very slowly so you don’t miss any of the tiny objects that the Lobo is able to find. The Sensitivity can be adjusted up to the maximum without getting some weird signals and such.

The Lobo is in the upper price range and needs a lot of time and experience until you know all the sounds well enough. You should spend at least 4 weeks digging EVERY SINGLE SIGNAL that you get to get comfortable with it. The Sounds are a little bit weird at first, but after a while, you get used to them. But if you are searching in very trashy sites, the sounds can be a little bit overwhelming sometimes.

Altogether, the Tesoro Lobo Supertraq is a very sensitive detector that works best for very tiny objects like hammered coins, gold and silver coils. If you take the time to get used to it, you will definitely love the Lobo because its simple to set up and powerful.