Dangerous Finds Vol. 2 – Ticks

Dangerous Finds Vol. 2 – Ticks

Well, actually they are not Finds but if you are oftenly out in the woods, you will run into them sooner or later! Ticks are little insects that transmit a variety of dangerous diseases, like the Lyme disease, a large number of different fever diseases, babesiosis, tick paralysis, ehrlichiosis and meningoencephalitis! And there are a lot more so I´d definitely suggest you avoid them like the plague!

Things you can do to avoid them:

– There is special Anti-Insect Clothes that is designed for Soldiers in Tropical Regions and what keeps Ticks away. I´ve tested some Anti Insect Trousers and I NEVER had any ticks when I wore them!

– Wear Trousers with a bright color and, always check them every now and then! After a while, you will get used to it and spot suspicious little black spots early on.

– Make sure to check for slight tickling on your legs. If you are really sensitive, you can sometimes feel the crawling up your leg!

– Insect Spray. Some of them work, some don’t. Just try a few out and hopefully you find one that keeps them away. But make sure not to use one that is toxic or something like that.

– Check your body regularly after each and every hunt! Also make sure to wash your clothes or keep them away from the rest of the family! Ticks can survive for months in your house, only waiting for their chance! 😉

– If you should get bitten, keep in mind that the Lyme disease oftenly causes some typical red spots on the skin. Enclosed, you can see how it looks like!


If you´ve been bitten and see something like that on your skin, go see a doctor! Untreated, the Lyme disease can turn into a chronic disease that stays with you for a long time! By simply seeing a doc and getting an antibiotic shot, you can avoid that!