Buying a Used Metal Detector?

Buying a Used Metal Detector?

Hi Guys, people sometimes ask me what I think about someone buying a used Metal detector! And i have mixed thoughts about it! It definitely depends on the price category you are buying one! Let´s say, you think about buying a relatively cheap metal detector in the 100-200 Dollar range, you can hardly do wrong by buying a second hand model. But if you buy a detector in the Price range between 1000 and 2000 Dollar, there are SO MANY THINGS that can go wrong! Really, I´ve learned this the Hard way when buying me a used XP Deus a few years ago. And about one month after I´ve got it, the coil was making weird sounds in the rain.Turned out, the whole thing was damaged and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get my money back. Because it will always be hard for you to prove ebay or PayPal that a used detector was already broken when you got it! And when you buy a used Detector in the Classifieds or on Craigs List, you are on your own anyway. And old Saying is: On the sea and when you’re buying a used metal detector, you are in God’s hands! 😉

Some more important Factors that need to be considered before Buying a Used Metal Detector.

Another important Thing is the Product Guarantee or Warranty! Some Producers offer a Guarantee in case of damage within a certain period of time. Most typically, two or three years, but it really depends on the Producer and the country you live in!

The same thing applies to used coils! For a detector like the XP Deus, a used coil costs more than a whole detector of certain other producers. If you pay between 400 and 500 Bucks for a coil alone, it better have a few years Guarantee! But if you buy a used one from ebay, this usually isn’t the case! If the price for a new one is only a hundred bucks or so, it might be worth the risk buying a used one.

Ideally, you try to get yourself a used Detector or coil that is still covered by the Guarantee! Most pricey detectors have a serial number that you can send to the Producer to find out how old the detector is. Because people sometimes lie about the age of a Detector! I once bought a used EBINGER Ebex Pb 420 that was said to be only a few years old. Turned out it was a laid off model from the seventies or so. Lol.