Best Boots for Metal Detecting! Great Outdoor Boots Review Part 1

Hi Guys, I think it’s important to write a bit about my experiences with certain type of boots since I had a whole lot of Trouble until i found some that were really recommendable for Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting so i felt the need to save you guys some Time and Money.

When i first started metal detecting, I didn’t really care about having excellent boots while going on the hunt. All that mattered was that i was out and could swing my coil. But after i wrecked something like six or seven pair of shoes within just a year or so, I decided it’s time to spend a little bit more and get me some quality outdoor boots.

Up to that point, i had to make many bad experiences and i want to share some of them with you now. One of them was a pair of Snow Boots that was sold as being waterproof and looked solid enough to be worn. It was winter when i got them and they only lasted a few weeks until they broke at the sole. What made it even worse was the fact that neither were they waterproof as promised nor kept me from getting cold feet. When you are out in the freezing cold and snow, this is really an important point.

After that, i used some rubber boots. This was particularly good when being in wet corn fields after harvest because after a few days of rain, they tend to turn into swamp fields. And there are few things that are as uncomfortable than having wet feet. While they lasted for quite some time, they did not keep my feet warm. Also, after a few hours of hunting there was a climate inside them that i better not describe. And from what I´ve heard, rubber boots aren’t really good for your health because they are oftenly full of cancerogen toxins that get into the skin very easily.

So i decided to buy me a few pairs of boots and I didn’t have ANY Trouble with wet or cold feet ever since. Right now, i am using some KAMIK Outdoor Boots and they never fail to keep my feet warm since they are specially designed for being outdoors and are thermo insulated down to minus 20 to minus 40 Degrees Celsius, depending on the model. Just imagine how cold that is!

I am also a great Fan of the Clothes and Shoes from Jack Wolfskin! If you are outdoors as much as most metal detectorists I know are, you know how valuable great and warm clothes are!

I´ll include some links to a few types of Boots from Kamik that I think are very suitable for metal detecting for you to check out on Amazon. You can certainly use some other Types as this is also a matter of personal taste.

Kamik Boots:

Kamik Men’s Cody Insulated Boot

Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus II Omni-Heat Snow Boot

Kamik Men’s Wausau Waterproof Winter Boot

Kamik Men’s Nation Plus Boot